Johnny Plastini


Operating through a post-humanist paradigm, each new work functions as a material-centric physical decoding of pataphysics and cybernetics. I eagerly invite the dissonant confluence that results in fostering inquiries of both erudition and mysticism as an encouragement of pluralistic dialog, slow looking, and transdisciplinary discourse. When working with a printing press or alternative matrix, I am able to partially abandon the direct expression of self and embrace the unpredictability and indirect nature of the printing process as an intercessory mechanism. I view printing not only as a series of operations within a system guided towards multiplicity but also as an opportunity to activate variables, which divests printmaking from the drone of reproductive duplication and engages intrinsically with alchemical catalysts inherent to the medium. When I sustainably form handmade paper, ink, paint, or forage for materials, I view each new activity as an intra-active emergence of content. While the unconscious ‘id’ may conjure the idea or my ego may negotiate a particular vocalization, specific materials and processes regulate the work and communicate in concert with my own voice. The constant reevaluation of this complex relationship is a major philosophical and conceptual underpinning to the work, requiring patience, dedication, and trust through undoubted failure.


MFA – Printmaking

Tyler School of Art-Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

BA – Studio Art [Painting]

University of California-Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA